General Information

    Department trains specialists who have fundamental grounding not only in the field of hard and soft ware, but also in electrical engineering, microelectronics and information-measuring technique with high emphasis placed on deep study of precision aspects of created and used algorithms, methods, devices and systems. Such a training ensures quick adaptation of the graduates to changing requirements of the labour market. They work successfully both in the field of computer measurements (digital signal processing, smart sensors, virtual instruments, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, etc) and in almost all the fields of computer aids application (medicine, metrology, intrascopy, chromatography, etc).

    The department teaches general courses of information-measuring technique at the faculties of Electrical engineering, Electromechanics, Automatics and Computer Science, Electronic engineering and MPEI-FESTO. Lecturers of the department conduct classes on raising the professional level of engineers of power engineering divisions at industrial enterprises. The department's laboratories are equipped with PC/586 computers (more than 20), united in local network with Internet access.

    High prestige of the department is formed, in addition, by the authority of scientists and lecturers, who used to work and work now at the department, including:
    - Professor, DrSc. Levin M.I. (electric and magnetic measuring circuits);
    - Professor, DrSc. Kharchenko R.R. (measuring converters);
    - Professor, DrSc. Malinovskiy V.N. (digital measuring devices);
    - Professor, DrSc. Didenko V.I. (analog integrated circuits);
    - Professor, DrSc. Zhelbakov I.N. (measurement of complex-shaped signals);
    - Yevtihiev N.N. - academician of Russian Academy of Science, Rector of Moscow radio engineering, electronics and automatics institute and known for his works on holography.
    - Gerasimov V.G. - Professor, DrSc, president of the Academy of electrical engineering sciences, a specialist in the field of intrascopy (of nondestructive testing);
    - Professor, DrSc. Malinovskiy V.N. and associate professor, PhD Yevlanov Y.N., laureates of the State prize of Ukraine;
    - associate professor, PhD Prytkov V.T. - laureate of the USSR State prize.

    The department trains Bachelors and Masters of engineering and technology (school 552800 "Informatics and computer science); specialists (engineers) in the field of "Computing machines, complexes, systems and networks" 220100 with the specialization 220105 "Computing and measuring systems".