Специальный тест

1. One might think that measurements taken with a bandwidth equal to the complete audio range, rather than spot frequency measurements, might lead to useful data.

2. Engine mounts play an extremely important role in the successful engine installation. Not only must they be light in weight but they must afford access to the engine.

3. The Moon having no atmosphere, there can be no wind, nor, of course, can there be any noise, for sound is carried by the air.

4. It is known that birds do not keep direction by orientating themselves in the earth's magnetic field, neither apparently, does memorising the route play an essential part.

5. It is not unusual to find evidence of partial melting of the lead bullet on extracting it from the block, especially if the latter be of rather hard and resistant wood.

6. Not until after the humanistic movement revived the study of Greek in Western Europe did greek words begin to enter the English vocabulary in great quantity.

7. The values so estimated were not so high as we now know them to be, nor were they always accepted, but recognition of the electromagnetic nature of radiowaves is as old as the Maxwell theory.

8. The principles of oscillation is the same as in the feed-back circuits already described, the second transistor being necessary to obtain the proper phase relationship for oscillation.

9. The amplifier consists of a cadmium-sulphides piezoelectric crystal to which sufficient voltаge is applied to make the drift velocity of the electrons in the crystal equal to that of sound in the crystal.

10. The explosion was believed to have been a criminal attack rather than an act of political terrorism, news reports said.

11. It was not clear whether the announcement by Kravchuk meant he was leaving the political scene or trying to press parliament into canceling the presidential poll.

12. Encouraging small business is key to the future prosperity of Europe. In recognition of this fact, the United Kingdom, as part of its current presidency of the European Community and in conjunction with the European Commission, recently sponsored a major 12-country conference.

Для перевода с английского на русский при прохождении специального теста предлагаются те же предложения, что и в общем тесте.



1. Я не знал, что они смогут сделать эту работу сами.

2. Почему ты не смотришь телепередачу? Ведь ты смотришь телевизор каждый день.

3. У нас есть еще немного молока, не надо ходить в магазин.

4. Твоя одежда совсем мокрая.

5. В соседней комнате кто-нибудь есть? - Там никого нет.

6. Пусть он придет попозже. Я занят.

7. Он еще не пришел.

8. Вчера в это время у меня был урок английского.

9. Я не видел ее с тех пор, как мы кончили школу.

10. Он сказал, что уже видел этот фильм.

11. Волга - самая длинная река в России.

12. Я хочу, чтобы ты выступил на собрании.